Next day at court he said, “Luoyang is deserted and cannot

was almost five years older than Jobs and far more
knowledgeable about electronics. But emotionally and socially he was still a high school geek.

While a student in McCollum’s class, Jobs became friends with a graduate who was the teacher’s
all-time favorite and a school legend for his wizardry in the class. Stephen Wozniak, whose younger
brother had been on a swim team with Jobs,


the adviser expounded the meaning thus: “The virtue of Han was fire; your element is earth. Xuchang is under the influence of earth, and so your fortune depends on getting there. Fire can overcome earth, as earth can multiply wood. Dong Zhao and Wang Li aGREe, and you have only to hide your time.”

  So Cao Cao made up his mind.

  Next day at court he said, “Luoyang is deserted and cannot be restored, nor can it be supplied easily with food. Xuchang is a noble city, resourceful and close to Luyang, which is a grain basin. It is everything that a capital should be. I venture to request that the court move thither.”

  the Emperor dared not oppose and the officials were too overawed to have any independent opinion, so they chose a day to set out. Cao Cao commanded the escort, and the officials all followed. When they had traveled a few stages they saw before them a high mound and from behind this there arose the beating of drums.

  then Yang Feng and Han Xian came out and barred the way. In front of all stood Xu Huang, who shouted, “Cao Cao is stealing away the Emperor!”

  Cao Cao rode out and took a good look at this man. He seemed a fine fellow; and in his secret soul Cao Cao GREatly admired him, although he was an enemy. then Cao Cao ordered Xu Chu to go and fight Xu Huang. The combat was battle-ax against broadsword, and the two men fought more than half a hundred bouts without advantage to either side. Cao Cao then beat the gongs and drew off his troops.

  In the camp a council was called. Cao Cao said, “The two rebels themselves need not be discussed; but Xu Huang is a fine general, and I was unwilling to use any GREat force against him. I want to win him over to our side.”

  So they represented to the Emperor that they wished to pursue the rebels, and under this excuse withdrew their army and camped at Daliang.

  One day the Emperor sent to summon Cao Cao to audience. The messenger was called in. Cao Cao noticed that the messenger looked remarkably well and could not understand it seeing that everyone else looked hungry and famine stricken.

  So Cao Cao said, “You look plump and well, Sir, how do you manage it?”

  “Only this: I have lived meager for thirty years.”

  Cao Cao nodded, “What office do you hold?”

  “I am a graduate recommended for filial piety and honesty. I had offices under Yuan Shao and Zhang Yang, but came here when the Emperor returned. Now I am one of the secretaries. I am a native of Dingtao, and my name is Dong Zhao.”

  Cao Cao got up from his place and crossed over, saying, “I have heard of you. How happy I am to meet you!”

  then wine was brought into the tent, and Xun Yu was called in and introduced. While they were talking, a man came in to report that a party was moving eastward. Cao Cao ordered to find out whose people these were, but Dong Zhao knew at once.

  “they are old leaders under the rebels, Yang Feng and the White Wave General Han Xian. They are running off because you have come, Illustrious Sir!”

and that’s what
I wanted to be. I was way
too shy ever to be a
business leader like Steve.”

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